What We Really Do~

1. We provide an online recyclables networking portal for the Cairns Region

Do you have something you want recycled? You have several options, just click ~:-)

- Cairns Region Recycle Places (we are working to update the google maps weekly)

- FNQ FB Networks (you can set up a free Facebook Account if you don’t have one)

- Cairns Tablelands Freecycle

- Recycle Right and Transfer Station details of CRC

- Checkout our Wishlist and “Callout” posts on FB (Reuse and Recycle, Cairns Inc.)

- Call us if you can’t find the option you are looking for m: 0449 252 438

2. We help resource others with recyclables

- Sustain: Kraft n Art Supplies (TM) (FB) and non-FB presence in development ^_^

- We are open to negotiating a trade/barter with local crafters n artists

- We may be able to help you to source materials for your next project

- Visual Arts departments of highschools, as well as kindys, youth program coordinators etc can benefit


3. We facilitate Recyclables and Sustainability Ed workshops across FNQ

- Sustain: Krafty Recycling Parties/Workshops (TM) (scaled fees) we go to you, or you can Skype in!

- Free and scaled fees for Festival presence

- Free video ed resources are in development

- Perfect for kindys, schools, clubs, youth, respite and rehabilitation programs; or a fun addition to a social function


4. We can help You! to set up a home-based biz, using recyclables (anywhere in Oz ~:-)

- Scaled fees, trade/barter options (e.g., 10-20% commission to RRC Inc)

- We provide mentoring for Admin, Bookkeeping, online and offline Marketing as well as Data Collection and Analysis


5. We deliver community work services in the Cairns Region

- Free secondhand and other recyclables to low income households/other social service providers

- Work-for-the-Dole Project Management design, implementation and evaluation (scaled fees)

- Grant research/writing support (scaled fees)

- Trade/Barter provided face-to-face Job Seeker Support, or visit our FB page, @Cairns Jobs and Seekers


Reuse and Recycle, Cairns Inc. is 100% self-funded thru Community Support (You!!!!!)

- The Store, Kraft n Art Stall, “I know someone who’d like that…” (Rusty’s on a Sunday)

- Secondhand Goods Sale, Books, DVDs and CDs Sale (albums on our FB page; other online options in development)

- Commissions from small-biz setups

- Monetary donations


rrc pic

~Work With Us~

As an RRC Inc. Volunteer you gain access to resources, mentors, work experience (with a Reference!),
and you get first dibs for paid work that suits your skills and experience

Are you a Social Science student looking for a Prac Placement?
Char Paul (CEO) may be able to be your Task Supervisor.

Newsletter and Membership Packages in development.


Cairns North on the Garage Sale Trail: Sat 25th Oct, 2014


This Saturday, Reuse and Recycle, Cairns is hosting a Garage Sale Trail at 315 Lake St.

One-off event!!!

Lawnmowes, whipper snippers, material, craft, bric a brac, books and movies, jewellery, furnishings and more~

7am to 6pm

Cairns Jobs to be Found in Recyclables


An abundance of recyclables exist across the Cairns Region. If you don’t have time to refurbish/create/finish a project, let us know at RRC, as we have teams to do that for you!!!

Looking for work? Additional income? Make contact with Char (Coordinator) and be on our call back list for booked projects.
m: 0449 252 438 e: reuseandrecyclecairns@yahoo.com.au

A volunteer with Reuse and Recycle, Cairns Inc. makes an average of $10 in the first week of working with us. recently, a volunteer made $150 in a day and created another ongoing monthly income stream of apx. $200

Currently we have a by-commission photography and Gumtree/FB ad management for Secondhand Goods Sales. You make 80% commission.

Find us, our products and ideas or post your requests on Facebook (emails/phone welcome too ~:-)


Reuse and Recycle, Cairns

The Store, Kraft n Art Stall

Cairns Sustainable Garden Designs

Cairns Wanted to Get Made

Cairns Region Workshops & Demos

Sustain: Krafty Recycling Parties/Workshops & Supplies

Standout Chipping Practice in Your Backyard

mini golf

Mini-golf course in the backyard~ yes please!

Practice your short game after work, on the weekends and at bbq gatherings.

Such fun! Cairns Sustainable Garden Designs uses repurposed materials to create your outdoor adventure landscapes.

An initiative of Reuse and Recycle, Cairns
Book a free consultation with Char: 0449 252 438