What we really do~

We have created a diversity of income streams to enable sustainable operation and governance of our community group programs:

  • Work-for-the-Dole Supervision
  • Social enterprise, The Store G7a The Pier, transforming trash to treasure (custom and mail orders available)
  • Sustainable Craft Workshops & Parties (kids to elders, BBQs to shopping centres and festivals)
  • Second-Hand Goods Sales (space permitting)
  • Crafters n Artists Small Biz Support
  • Content Marketing, Data Collection and Analysis for local small businesses
  • Business Recycling Audits
  • Public Relations
  • Public Speaking
  • Donations

Online and offline collaborative partnerships provide RRC with a network of re-home opportunities for resources and recyclables.

We provide free services to low income households and unfunded/low funded community groups and charities.
Our focus is Green Wheely Bin items that we are able to reclaim, repurpose and re-home.

Space is limited for now! (Volunteer storage and/or sale space here).
What we can take is on our Wishlist

To aid your recycling efforts, the Pages listed above aim to help you keep your purchases out of landfill:

rrc pic

Work With Us~

As a Community Volunteer you gain access to resources, mentors, work experience, training, craft/childcare/gardening opportunities and the potential for contract work, as well as biz coaching support for your own sustainable start-up.

Social science and Business students can apply to the Aspire! program. Apply lecture and tutorial materials, help us to collect, analyse and communicate data. Char Paul (B.Psych.Hons; GCTTLD) is an experienced Task Supervisor and statistics tutor:mentor. And one of our key Community Volunteers, Amie Coop (B. SocWork) provides critical reflective mentorship and Counseling skills. You will have be helping us update our blog Cairns Region Social Service Providers Portal, with many opportunities for inter-agency visits, assisting our client managers and taking part in multiagency program activities.

Support community capacity building efforts by visiting our social enterprise, The Store or checking out our Wishlist.

Newsletter and Membership Packages coming in 2014!
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RRC Inc.’s Privacy Policy

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How to Make a Reed Picture Frame

reed frame1

We have reeds available at The Store, G7a The Pier (from $1 for a bundle of 10), or you can make your own.

How We Stole the Grinch’s Thunder


No risk~ No reward~
Grinch visited this jolly season:
Deliberate sabotage
Cost us in cash and trust, tho
We invested much n got heaps done
And two can return to the payroll.