What We Really Do~

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1. We provide an online recyclables networking portal for the Cairns Region

Do you have something you want recycled? You have several options, just click ~:-)

- Cairns Region Recycle Places

- Cairns Tablelands Freecycle

- Recycle Right and Transfer Station details of CRC

- Checkout our Wishlist and “Callout” posts on FB (Reuse and Recycle, Cairns Inc.)

- Call us if you can’t find the option you are looking for m: 0449 252 438

2. We help resource others with recyclables

- Sustain: Kraft n Art Supplies (TM) (FB) and non-FB presence in development ^_^

- We are open to negotiating a trade/barter with local crafters n artists

- We may be able to help you to source materials for your next project

- Visual Arts departments of highschools, as well as kindys, youth program coordinators etc can benefit


3. We facilitate Recyclables and Sustainability Ed workshops across FNQ

- Sustain: Krafty Recycling Parties/Workshops (TM) (scaled fees) we go to you, or you can Skype in!

- Free and scaled fees for Festival presence

- Free video ed resources are in development

- Perfect for kindys, schools, clubs, youth, respite and rehabilitation programs; or a fun addition to a social function


4. We can help You! to set up a home-based biz, using recyclables (anywhere in Oz ~:-)

- Scaled fees, trade/barter options (e.g., 10-20% commission to RRC Inc)

- We provide mentoring for Admin, Bookkeeping, online and offline Marketing as well as Data Collection and Analysis


5. We deliver community work services in the Cairns Region

- Free secondhand and other recyclables to low income households/other social service providers

- Work-for-the-Dole Project Management design, implementation and evaluation (scaled fees)

- Grant research/writing support (scaled fees)

- Trade/Barter provided face-to-face Job Seeker Support, or visit our FB page, @Cairns Jobs and Seekers


Reuse and Recycle, Cairns Inc. is 100% self-funded thru Community Support (You!!!!!)

- The Store, Kraft n Art Stall, “I know someone who’d like that…” (Rusty’s on a Sunday)

- Secondhand Goods Sale, Books, DVDs and CDs Sale (albums on our FB page; other online options in development)

- Commissions from small-biz setups

- Monetary donations


~Volunteer With Us~

As an RRC Inc. Volunteer you gain access to resources, mentors, work experience (with a Reference!),
and you get first dibs for paid work that suits your skills and experience

Are you a Social Science student looking for a Prac Placement?
Char Paul (CEO) may be able to be your Task Supervisor.

Newsletter and Membership Packages in development.


Eliminate Dengue Update #1

Newsletter article – Reuse and Recycle, Cairns
2 December 2014

 Eliminate Dengue’s research spreads throughout Cairns

Watch a short video about how Eliminate Dengue’s research works:

The Eliminate Dengue research program is developing a natural method to reduce the spread of dengue.

We are using naturally occurring bacteria called Wolbachia that reduce the ability of mosquitoes to pass dengue between people. We have shown our approach reduces dengue transmission when we introduce these bacteria into mosquitoes in the laboratory, and we are now conducting trials with dengue-affected communities.

Over the past few years, we have released Wolbachia mosquitoes in several areas of Cairns – all with community support and government approval – and we have demonstrated that we can establish Wolbachia in mosquito populations.

Since 2011, we have undertaken field trials in:

In 2014, we have been conducting further trials in areas of Stratford, Freshwater, Cairns North and Bungalow. We have been trialling a range of release strategies to find the most effective and efficient approach.

With ongoing community support, we also hope to undertake further field trials in Cairns in the coming years to learn more about how to best release Wolbachia mosquitoes in different environments. The results of these trials will help us to further develop our method for larger-scale trials in Australia and overseas, where millions of people get dengue each year.

While we expect the risk of local dengue transmission to be reduced in areas where we have released Wolbachia mosquitoes, we remind you to protect yourself as usual from mosquito bites to reduce your risk of exposure to all mosquito-borne diseases.

For more information about our research, please visit www.eliminatedengue.com/cairns or contact us on 1800 811 054 or cairns@eliminatedengue.com.

– Geoff Wilson, Field Trial Manager, Eliminate Dengue Cairns

Support Reuse and Recycle, Cairns with purchase of a home made mozzie/fly trap $5 ea

Contains: Painted repurposed bottle cut to create a funnel and trapping area; sugar and yeast mix; instructions.

mozzie trap

Upcycled Tins

Psych Stats Tutor:

Frugal gift giving that is fun and perfect for those of us living by the Coral Sea #diygift

Originally posted on candy scraps:

ECD can_Candy_Spiegel5

This nautical pen holder is a great gift for anyone with an office. It is also easy, inexpensive and fun.

Start with a washed can. I think this one held black olives, but a soup can would work as well. Be sure to use a can opener that does not leave sharp edges when it opens the can.

Paint the can with acrylic paint or spray paint and make sure it is completely dry. I let mine dry overnight.

ECD can_Candy_Spiegel

Once dry, add a strip of Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape around the bottom of the can.

ECD can_Candy_Spiegel2

Then wrap twine around the base.

Next, apply glitter to the Peel-Offs. You can see how to do this, here.

And color them with Copic markers.

ECD can_Candy_Spiegel7Cut out the stickers and adhere them to the can with dimensional adhesive foam.

ECD can_Candy_Spiegel6

Add some to the backside as well.

ECD can_Candy_Spiegel3

Cut a piece of Velvet…

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Recycle Culture is About Collaboration: Council and RRC

communication (2)

Had a productive meeting with Cr. Richie Bates of Cairns Regional Council this morning, who is Council’s Water and Waste Committee Chair.

Cr. Bates emphasised that one of the Committee’s goals is to better enable Community to take up Recycling Culture.

Agenda and Outcomes

* Can the new Ed. Officer touch base with us monthly re. Waste and Water Dept.?

- Meeting with team being setup

* Can we touch base with the Ed. Officer weekly to answer community questions about Which Bin?
(with RRC providing a weekly prize for community question contributions)?

- As per meeting tba

* Can RRC be added to the email list of those being updated about developments?

- As per meeting tba

* Is recycling capped at 10, 000 tonnes for this budget? As per article

- Is being checked

NB. This may be due to capacity of the Materials Recovery facility (MRF; murph)
http://www.cairns.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/14367/BaselineReport.pdf (p. 13)

* Are Ed. Materials Design and Production being put up for Tender?

- Is being checked

NB. RRC hopes to pitch for the Tender, if there is one, if we feel we can meet the criteria.

* Can Council take over on our Google Maps page, as it’s a critical resource for community?
Or can Council put it to Tender?

NB.  Currently I field 15-20 questions a week about Where to Recycle What. This is not sustainable and the resource is ‘clunky’ at mo.

- Email website link, will be discussed at next meeting tba

* Can Council re-consider Mr. Craig Bates (Ostara) original idea to set up DES/WfD programs at the Transfer Station and Buy Back Shop?

- ‘Not a bad idea”; as per meeting tba

NB. such programs would enable Council to recover more recyclables –> re-coop more costs of running the facilities
+ enable employment and or job skilling of participants.

Whilst RRC does not want to be part of running of such programs, we do want to implement our successful Work for the Dole (WfD) model, which provided counseling, job search aid (inc. computer literacy, interview prep, and opportunities to create their own income), emergency relief referrals, a food bank, life skills support and advocacy for participants with regards to Centrelink and Job Search Agency obligations.

We would be open to part monetary compensation and part payment-in-kind by way of recyclables (which we can then use for our fundraising or to barter for other services, which would enable our sustainable delivery of services.