What We Really Do~

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Reuse and Recycle, Cairns is a not-for-profit community group

1. We provide an online recyclables networking portal for the Cairns Region

Do you have something you want recycled? You have several options, just click ~:-)

Cairns Region Recycle Places

Cairns Tablelands Freecycle

Recycle Right and Transfer Station details of Cairns Regional Council
Danora Buschkens (Strategic Programs Officer) p: 4044 8352

– Checkout our Wishlist and “Callout” posts on FB (Reuse and Recycle, Cairns Inc.)

– Call us if you can’t find the option you are looking for m: 0449 252 438


2. We help resource others with recyclables

Sustain: Kraft n Art Supplies (TM) (Facebook; non-FB presence in development ^_^)

– We are open to negotiating a trade/barter with local crafters n artists

– We may be able to help you to source materials for your next project

– Visual Arts departments of highschools, as well as kindys, youth program coordinators etc can benefit


3. We facilitate Recyclables and Sustainability Ed workshops across FNQ

Sustain: Krafty Recycling Parties/Workshops (TM) (scaled fees) we go to you

– Free and scaled fees for festival presence

– Free video ed resources are in development

– Perfect for kindys, schools, clubs, youth, respite and rehabilitation programs; or a fun addition to a social function


4. We can help You! to set up a home-based biz, using recyclables (anywhere in Oz ~:-)

– Scaled fees, trade/barter options (e.g., 10-20% commission to RRC Inc)

– We provide mentoring for Admin, Bookkeeping, online and offline Marketing as well as Data Collection and Analysis


5. We deliver community work services in the Cairns Region

– Free secondhand and other recyclables to low income households/other social service providers

– Work-for-the-Dole Project Management design, implementation and evaluation (scaled fees)

– Grant research/writing support (scaled fees)

– Trade/Barter provided face-to-face Job Seeker Support, or visit our FB page, @Cairns Jobs and Seekers


Reuse and Recycle, Cairns Inc. is 100% self-funded thru Community Support (You!!!!!)

The Store, Kraft n Art Stall, “I know someone who’d like that…” (Rusty’s on a Sunday)

– Secondhand Goods Sales on Gumtree and FB

– Commissions from small-biz setups and other services

– Monetary donations


~Volunteer With Us~

As an RRC Inc. Volunteer you gain access to resources, mentors, work experience (with a Reference!),
and you get first dibs for paid work that suits your skills and experience

Are you a Social Science student looking for a Prac Placement?
Char Paul (CEO) may be able to be your Task Supervisor.

Newsletter and Membership Packages in development.


The Murky and Troubling Maze Behind Adani’s Australian Coal Projects

Psych Stats Tutor:

#sustainability Adani in Australia, things to consider

Originally posted on jpratt27:

Australia’s largest ever coal project, Adani’s proposed Carmichael coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin, has been found to have a murky and troubling maze of corporate arrangements spread across known tax havens. At the same time, research released in January shows more clearly than ever that the Carmichael mine and related infrastructure is at profound risk of becoming a stranded asset due to the staggering carbon pollution it would cause. With such high stakes, the apparent lack of accountability and transparency is deeply troubling.

The project is on a scale few would dare to attempt in the current context of lingering low international coal prices, and the increasing momentum of investors divesting themselves of coal developments out of concern for their climate change impact. However dire the situation, Adani will continue to talk up the project in an attempt to generate confidence for investors, but the reality is, this project…

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People Power, the Solution to Climate Inaction

Psych Stats Tutor:

#sustainability How we treat the more vulnerable will influence how we navigate climate change

Originally posted on jpratt27:

BRISBANE, Feb 10 (IPS) – Nothing is more important to farmers like me than the weather. It affects the growth and quality of our crops and livestock, and has a major impact on global food supply.

The world’s weather is being messed up by global warming, mainly caused by the burning of fossil fuels, which releases heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere.3

Every national science organisation in the developed world agrees that global warming is real and caused by human activities. That’s good enough for me.

If we keep on burning coal, oil and gas at ‘business as usual’ levels, our grandchildren will inhabit a planet some 5 degrees Celsius hotter by the end of the century – rendering large parts of it uninhabitable, including many currently densely populated areas, which will be under water due to melting glaciers and ice caps.

The impacts on farming in Australia (and everywhere else)…

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Eliminate Dengue: Cairns Survey

Community Engagement Team
Eliminate Dengue Australia: Our Challenge

“We would greatly appreciate your thoughts and hope you can complete our short five minute survey here online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/eliminatedengue_CNBU or by giving us quick call during office hours on 1800 811 054″